Blog #5 | Alpha to Beta

With the final engine update behind us, Skyclimbers is on its way to Beta.

With Alpha still in progress, Early Access has been pushed to 2024...

Pushing Early Access to 2024 will allow us to release on multiple platforms simultaneously.

  • Xbox is the first console to be released due to its similar nature to PC development
  • Depending on how quickly console development goes we will attempt to release as many of them as possible along with PC

Fulfillment of USBs will continue through 2024, with a target deadline of Q1 to complete distribution.  

  • This will also be the deadline for producing proofs of the physical art book and Arraxos statues.
  • More information about reward fulfillment can be found later in the newsletter
  • Skycon is planned for the three-year anniversary of the Kickstarter in Q1 - 2024

The Beta will start mid to late 2024 with multiplayer and more polish than the Alpha.

  • Alpha lays the foundation for Beta with core features and performance benchmarks
  • Beta adds the final details and more depth to the game while polishing the experience

If you have questions or concerns about our roadmap, you can contact us directly at via email.

  • We are confident the game can reach Beta / Early Access in 2024 with a few Alpha patches remaining for 2023
  • Release delays are never easy, though a delayed game with polish will always surpass a rushed product.

An update below on our partnership with Unity after their wave of policy changes have swept the gaming community...

Despite the controversy, none of the policy changes would affect Skyclimbers due to the older version of the Engine we use for our proprietary tools and systems...

Policy changes only apply to newer versions of the Unity base Engine

Check out this trailer showcasing high resolution characters and new engine features of the Alpha!

We are committed to developing Skyclimbers the RIGHT way, not the FAST way, and that means taking the time necessary to finish the Alpha requirements before moving into Beta.

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